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Since its start in 1910, the ICA has been working to make life better for all its members as well as the public. The ICA has been at the forefront of many life-changing improvements for Irish families, and it continues to work to build a better Ireland.

In 1935 the Society of the United Irishwomen changed its name to the Irish Countrywomen’s Association, to avoid being associated with a subversive organisation of the time, the United Ireland Party. The ICA was generally perceived to be a rural organisation, and at around the same time Town Associations were formed, to cater for the needs of urban women. 

Today the ICA has 700 local Guilds throughout Ireland in towns, villages and rural areas. For the vast majority of women in Ireland there is an ICA Guild which meets within a short drive of their home. They offer, as they have always done, support and fun, and opportunities to make friends, learn new skills and contribute to the wider community.

Muff Branch of the I.C.A.

The first meeting of the I.C.A. took place in 1968 in St. Mary’s Community Hall - 75 members joined the association at that first meeting.

The object and aims of the Guild is to encourage women of any age to take advantage of the many benefits that are on offer, such as meeting with other women in the area and particularly those who live in rural areas, also to learn new skills from the many demonstrations that take place i.e. all types of crafts, cookery, including foreign cookery, massage, make up, etc.  Talks include Gardening, Travel, Local History, Holistic Remedies etc.

The Guild has been going ever since but sadly the numbers are now reduced to 20 (a sign of the times).

During the meetings there is a cup of tea, and a Social Half Hour, always very entertaining.

The Guild meet every 3rd Tuesday of the month, except June, July, and August, they would be delighted to have more women join the group.

Recent News

Muff ICA – The members of Muff ICA recently held their last meeting before the summer break. The speaker for the evening was Anna Connelly, a member of Moville Guild. Anna took us back in time to 1910 when ICA was founded. At that time ICA was known as the society of united Irishwomen. The association has been of great benefit to thousands of women over the years and in the earlier years health and nutrition were the first projects undertaken. In later years they were very much involved in promoting rural electrification and rural water schemes as well as lots of other projects for the improvement of the lives of women in Ireland in general and still continue to do so. Anna then took us on an armchair tour of Derry City and explained when and how some of the very familiar areas and streets around the city were named. A very interesting evening, enjoyed by all. Sue lynch won the trophy for having gained most points in guild competitions over the year. Our next meeting will be on the 19th September. New members welcome.  



If interested please contact Olive Park on (074) 9383142

Special Events

19 Jan 2021 Irish Dancing
19 Jan 2021 A.A Meetings
20 Jan 2021 Muff Irish Red Cross
20 Jan 2021 Muff Ceili Dancing
25 Jan 2021 Crochet Class

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