St. Mary’s Girl Guides

St. Mary’s Girl Guides, Muff has been running in the community now for over thirty years.  The unit is run by volunteers, and meet every Wednesday night from 6.30pm to 7.45pm, in St Mary’s Community Hall and Scoil Naomh Bríd. The unit has four sections; Cygnets aged 5-6, Brigini aged 6-10, Guides aged 10-14 and Rangers aged 14-19. 

The unit is part of the National Girl Guides of Ireland. Girls are welcome from any area, and we are always looking for volunteers, aged 18 and over. All our leaders are fully vetted and all have their training.


Our aim is to guide young girls and help them develop their life skills such as; cooking, team work, crafts, independence, and taking part in competitions. During the year we take the girls on outings, which can involve meeting up with other units in our area. The highlight of the year for the unit is the indoor and outdoor camps.

The programme that the guides and rangers follow allow them to have their own input into many of the activities they do i.e. making craft to sell.


During the summer months the unit closes, and reopens again mid-September.

Wednesday nights from 6.30pm to 7.45pm, in St Mary’s Community Hall and Scoil Naomh Bríd, Muff.


We would like to welcome all the girls back to the unit as we have a few new girls this year we are hoping they settle in and feel welcome.
All forms and registration money should have been back by now, if for some reason, you have forgotten please ensure to send in for next week.

The uniform for all the girls can be bought in Fergusons Fashions in William Street, except the guide jumper it has to be ordered through the unit.

We like the girls to wear their uniform every week.

Wednesday 26th October is the Halloween Fancy Dress Party. The unit will be closed on the 2nd November as it is the school holidays.

If you have any problems at any time please feel free to discuss them regarding your child.

As dark evenings are approaching now, we would be very grateful for parents to come into the hall to collect children.

We will keep you up to date with all upcoming events.
If you need any information please give me a ring.

074 9384194

Thanking you, Bridget and leaders. 


Bridget McCallion – bridgetmccallion@gmail.com

Special Events

19 Jan 2021 Irish Dancing
19 Jan 2021 A.A Meetings
20 Jan 2021 Muff Irish Red Cross
20 Jan 2021 Muff Ceili Dancing
25 Jan 2021 Crochet Class

For a full list of events see Calendar


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