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Muff Community Development (MCD) is a not for profit, cross community development organisation with charitable status, and is an umbrella group for 11 voluntary and community organisations active in the Muff area. MCD, formed in 1995, grew out of a community spirit generated and sustained over 20 years by the Muff Youth & Sports Festival, and recognition of the need to strengthen and enhance community development in the area.

Muff Community Development Organisational Flow Chart

Equal Opportunities Statement


Aims of Muff Community Development


  • To promote, develop and encourage the socio-economic and cultural development of Muff, Inishowen, Co. Donegal.
  • To act as catalyst for community development and as a liaison agency between community, voluntary and statutory bodies which will enhance the integrated regeneration of the village of Muff and surrounding areas.
  • To support and foster the stimulation of new employment opportunities, encourage social, recreational, cultural and educational provision for Muff and the local area.
  • To explore and promote the potential for development through the expansion of rural tourism.
  • To welcome new residents and help them integrate into their new community through sporting, recreation and community activities.

Muff Community Development assists member groups to achieve their individual objectives, and facilitates them through application for and administration of funding, provision of administrative services and acting on their behalf as an incorporated legal entity. Muff Community Development is currently supported by Pobal under the Community Services Programme (CSP).


Achievements to Date

In 2003 a twenty-year lease was negotiated with St. Eugene’s Diocesan Trust to transfer St. Mary's Hall into community hands. St. Mary's Community Hall has been totally refurbished, with support from The Programme for Peace and Reconciliation, IFI, IDP and Donegal County Council and community contributions. To date €203,000 has been spent and there are plans to resurface the car-park & upgrade the community recycling area. St. Mary's Community Hall provides a facility for the delivery of a range of services to pre-school, youth and older people.

A Resource Centre was established in the Muff Health Centre in 1999, and equipped with the help of funding from the Department of Social Community and Family Affairs and Inishowen Rural Development - Leader II. A co-ordinator was employed under the Jobs Initiative Programme, administered by Inishowen Partnership and FAS. This facility transferred to St Mary’s Community Hall in 2004 and to a purpose built office in the hall extension in February 2011. Muff Resource Centre is now opened at St. Mary's Community Hall, providing a range of services including community savings, fax, photocopying, C.V. preparation, email & internet.

Muff Community Development, as a representative of the voluntary/community groups active in the Muff area, has engaged with Donegal County Council in the making of a Local Area Plan 2003-2009 for Muff Village. This has proven to be a mutually beneficial undertaking, potentially delivering sustainable development through greater community participation and the proper planning and development of amenities facilities and services.


Muff Community Park

Muff Community Development is in the process of developing a Community Park at Ardmore, Muff, Co Donegal. The MUGA (Multi-Use Games Area) has been provided with the support of the Sports Capital Fund and a play area for children from 1 to 14 was opened in July 2013. Further environmental works are now underway including landscaping, stone wall building, drainage and grassing of the parkland area, car-parking for 20 vehicles and pedestrian access to and around the parkland area.


Community Services Programme

Since 2008 Muff & District Community Services Programme, funded by Pobal, has been supporting local volunteers and community groups. The Programme delivers part-time care-taking services at Muff Resource Centre and Quigley’s Point Community Centre, and recently the appointment of a full-time manager, part-time administrator and full-time community events/IT co-ordinator at Muff Resource Centre.


Community Savings Plan

The plan is now in its fifth year and has proven to be a valuable and popular community service, with over 250 savers participating to date. The plan runs for 45 weeks and pays out in mid-November of each year.


Other Developments

In November 2011, Fáilte Stones were placed on the approach roads to Muff village. The limestone slabs are evocative of the nearby Ardmore Gallen and also extend a welcome to visitors. New planters have been placed in the centre of the village and hanging baskets have also been erected.

Special Events

19 Jan 2021 Irish Dancing
19 Jan 2021 A.A Meetings
20 Jan 2021 Muff Irish Red Cross
20 Jan 2021 Muff Ceili Dancing
25 Jan 2021 Crochet Class

For a full list of events see Calendar


Many of our community organisations are looking for volunteers...

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This project is supported by the European Union’s European Regional Development Fund, through the EU programme for Peace and Reconciliation managed for the Special EU Programmes Body by Donegal County Council

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